Morning Prayer

Morning Prayers, Monday to Thursday 8.45 - 9.15 am via Zoom (contact the Church Office for details)
Morning Prayer is a short service that includes a simple liturgy, bible readings as well as led prayer and times of silence. At Holy Trinity the approach is very relaxed with everyone invited to take a small part in the readings, if reading aloud is something they are happy to do.
The liturgy is a simplified form of the daily prayers from the Society of St.Francis (the Franciscans). This provides the framework.
The bible readings are those set by the Northumbria Community (Celtic daily prayers) and their book provides a though provoking reflection on the scriptures.
We read a Psalm out loud (sharing out the verses among those who enjoy reading) and two other snippets of bible text, then the reflection and then we usually have a short discussion reflecting on it together and taking the ideas and questions into our prayers.
We pray as the discussion has led, for the community, the schools, the local and national issues, each other, ourselves. 
The aim is to share worship together, whereas on a Sunday it’s all usually led from the front. We share too our thoughts and reflections and questions allowing our faith to be real and grounded in the shared act of worship.
All are welcome - to pop in occasionally or to make it a regular habit. 
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