Arranging a Funeral

When someone dies there is so much to do.  Emotions are raw and yet
practical things need to be sorted out. Arranging a funeral service is
part of this process and we are here to help in whatever way we can.

You may wish for a cremation service (at Bracknell or Woking) or prefer
a church service or a combination. Sometimes we have conducted a
church service followed by a short committal at the crematorium,
other times it’s the other way round with a cremation service and then
service of thanksgiving in church.

For burials, unless the family have a plot that can be used in the church
graveyard it is now closed so any burials tend to be at Kiln Lane.

The first step is to appoint a funeral director and they will guide you
through the arrangements. They handle a three way conversation
between church / crematorium (or cemetery) / family to arrive at a
suitable time and date after which we will visit to begin the process of
planning the service with you.

None of this should prevent you from getting in touch with us directly,
we’re here to help in whatever way possible, both after the
bereavement and before. If you are reading this in preparation for the
death of a loved one and you would like us to come and pray with
them please do get in touch. The Church Office is on 01344 621886


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