Caring Cuisine

Our Gift to You, Given with Love
There can be times when (due to a variety of life changes) having a light meal cooked or a cake baked for you would be a very welcome gift.  In line with the HTS Church Family ethos of caring in the community, we are delighted to offer: Caring Cuisine.

How does it work?  We have a team of volunteers who cook a gift of a  meal  suitable for freezing for 2- 4 persons, soup in similar portions, a cake or small cakes.  After an illness, it is nice to be able to offer a lovely slice or small cake with a cup of coffee or tea, when visitors call.
Who is eligible?  Anyone in the community, not necessarily in the church family for example when a new baby arrives, the main carer in a family is ill or has had an accident, someone is recuperating from an operation or someone is moving house.  Any time when we are going through temporary, challenging changes.

What to do
If you know of someone you feel needs a caring gift from Caring Cuisine please contact Amanda in the church office (01344 621886). She will pass on the details to me and I will call to offer our gift. Arrangements can then be made to bring the gift to you at home.

Warmest wishes Karen Fisher (07770 211971)