Our Vision

To live by faith, to be known by love, to be a voice of hope.

We aim to be more than just Christians together on a Sunday but to be a positive, life affirming influence in our local community. We recognise that many feel they belong to the Holy Trinity Community as they engage with Christians in the village.

As a church and community, we aim to live by faith - trusting God with everything we have and in everything we do, to be known by love - reaching every part of society with the love that we have received from God in both word and deed, and to be a voice of hope - proclaiming that there is more to life, and that in every situation, God can bring fresh hope.

1. We seek to be centred on God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Vision: to offer opportunities for worship using the best of the traditional and the new

2. We seek to be orientated towards the world and its needs
Vision: to serve God in bringing his love to people near and far

3. We seek to be serious about Christian Discipleship
Vision: to have greater confidence in our faith and in Christ whom we seek to serve

4. We seek to connect to people, their communities and their culture in new ways
Vision: to take the initiative in building bridges with those presently outside the church

5. The Church Building
Vision: to make the best use of our facilities to meet changing needs