Arrange a Baptism

Services for Children
Special Services for Special Times in our lives 

The Church of England has two special services for children: Thanksgiving and Baptism.
Holy Trinity has three! We offer both Thanksgiving and Baptism to everyone if they live in Sunningdale parish, plus an extra one, called a Naming Ceremony. 

A Naming Ceremony takes place in your home - often on a Saturday tea-time - and is a
place to explore why names are important both to God and to us. We leave you with a little present to play with! 

The Thanksgiving Service takes place in church in one of our regular Sunday morning services. You come to church with your child(ren) especially to give thanks to God for their safe arrival. Many parents find this a very moving experience – since childbirth (even in the age of hi-tech medical advances) is still a wonderful, scary and miraculous thing. We give you another present for bedtime story-time at home.

Baptism is the next step. This takes place usually on a Sunday at our 10am service. Here we offer parents the chance to make serious promises to God about how they plan to bring up their child(ren) in the Christian faith. The minister sprinkles water on the child’s head and makes the sign of the cross on his/her forehead as an indication of membership in the world-wide Christian family. 

If you would like to enquire further, please just call us at the Church Office on 01344 621886 or e-mail us at