Arrange a Funeral

When someone dies there is so much to do.  Emotions are raw and yet practical things need to be sorted out. Arranging a funeral service is part of this process.

You may plan to have a service in the Crematorium.  Easthampstead Park on Nine Mile Ride, Bracknell and Woking (the oldest in the country) are our two most popular and local ones.

You may wish to opt for burial in Kiln Lane Cemetery.  Sunningdale Parish Council is responsible for this.

You may wish to arrange a service in Holy Trinity Church either before or after a cremation/burial.

There needs to be a conversation between your family, the Funeral Directors and the minister taking the service to make sure that everyone is content with all the arrangements proposed.

The minister will arrange a visit to talk through the details of the service you would like.

Please note: sometimes when someone is very ill and facing death, we may imagine that the local ministers are too busy to call.  They are not.  Please do phone the Church Office on 01344 621886 if you feel that a visit in these circumstances would be helpful.