Traidcraft and Fairtrade


Holy Trinity is a Fairtrade church, which helps make a real difference to the
lives of farmers and workers in developing countries. Fairtrade, defined
simply, is when producers are paid a fair price for their work, so they can
afford life's essentials - like housing, food, education and healthcare.

The tea and coffee we serve in church is fairly traded and since 1998 we have
had a Traidcraft stall selling Fairtrade products. Traidcraft’s mission is to fight
poverty through trade, to help people in developing countries transform their
lives. Their vision is for a world freed from poverty, where trade is just, and
people and communities can flourish.


Our Traidcraft stall in church is run by a group of volunteers and operates
most Sundays during the coffee break, selling fairly traded items such as
chocolate, biscuits, tea and coffee. At Easter and Christmas we sell the fair
trade Easter Eggs and Advent calendars.

If you want more information about Fairtrade and Traidcraft, would like to
place an order or can help on the stall please contact me via Amanda in the
church office.

Roz Doherty