Jan 2017:
We are working with Tearfund and its in-country partners in some of the poorest communities in Uganda. Their way of working isn’t about doing things for people, it’s about enabling people to do things for themselves. Through Bible study, training and skills workshops, lives are being transformed. Over time whole communities have broken free from the endemic dependency culture to being able to provide for themselves. This unique development approach is called the Participatory Evaluation Process (PEP).

I went to Uganda expecting to see proof of this transformation; what I did not expect was for me to be transformed from a relatively interested observer into a passionate advocate of this programme.

The PEP villagers we met really do live out the gospel and my attitude to living the life of a Christian will never be the same again. They are not afraid to give their testimony about how Jesus is so important to them and I am trying to follow their example. Most importantly I learnt that testifying is not just about standing up and speaking. It is that. But it is also about the choices I make; the way I engage with family, friends and strangers alike and I am very conscious of that and am working hard to be more gracious, more caring, more hospitable, more patient, more prayerful and more encouraging in all I do – because that, put simply, is what PEP is all about.

Moving forwards at HTS we’re looking at ways to broaden our engagement with Tearfund outside of our church family; looking at ways to involve schools, businesses and organisations within our community.

We’re planning a return trip to Uganda in 2017 which I hope will be cross-generational and hopefully also hosting, as we did last year, PEP participants from Uganda.

You can find out more details about PEP in Uganda on https:vimeo.com/49900418 or contact me, Terry Ward-Hall, via the Church Office

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